One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari


Services offered by One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari:

One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari is aimed for 13 to 29 year olds, who are pondering about life and becoming independent. You can visit us when you are searching for education or job, need support with career planning, social abilities or life management or you are wondering about leisure time opportunities. You can also contact us if you are concerned about the wellbeing of yourself or someone close to you or just need a moment to talk with an adult. Our goal is to support you, young person under 30 years old, until we find a solution for your life situation together.

Our guidance and support is based on personal meetings. We assign a personal tutor for everyone who will discuss the future opportunities with you.

One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari is housing variety of activity groups for people under 30 years of age. You are free to participate them and you can also bring your own ideas for new groups.

We also offer support for the close ones of 13 to 29 year olds about different life situations.

One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari is located in the edge of Mikkeli market square, Porrassalmenkatu 17. You can meet our worker without an appointment from Tuesday to Thursday at 13:00 – 16:00. Other times you can schedule a meeting.

You can contact us by phone 040 794 3266, email: or with contact form on “Ota yhteyttä” page. You can find more info and contact information about the staff below.

We check the contact requests daily and we will contact you in one week or less depending on the situation. Then we can arrange the start of co-operation together.


Staff & contact information:



Coordinator’s job is to coordinate One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari services. Her responsibilities include developing the services together with One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari team, networks and young people themselves for 13 to 29 year olds. She also acts as Tajua Mut! coordinator and trainer in Mikkeli. Contact the coordinator if you want more information about One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari services, projects, Tajua Mut! –operating model or want to schedule a time for visiting One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari.

Sari-Anne Ratia
050 311 7083


Youth worker

Youth workers are operating in Nuorisotalo Starlight after 16.00.

Youth worker’s emails are

Tuomo Mikkonen
050 311 7209

Jonna Härkönen
040 129 4115


Student counselor

For you, 13 to 29 years old, who wants to discuss study options, think about your own career path, planning about continuing unfinished studies or thinking about how to finance your studies and what to do after graduating. With youth worker you can discuss about all the matters concerning career planning, studying and employment.

Student counselor is available in One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari at Thursday afternoons by appointment. You can schedule a meeting by contacting the Student counselor directly or by calling One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari hotline.

Päivi Uimonen
050 389 1235


Substance abuse prevention coordinator

Developer and executor of intoxicant and gaming related substance abuse preventive work.

Anne Häkkinen
044 794 5023

Sobriety Bunny


Foster and after care

For you, 15 to 25 years old, who need support and help for everyday problems.
21 years old or younger who is granted for sosku after care. Do you need help with independent life? Are you drowning under the paper sea of bureaucracy? Are you in need for putting your feet back to the ground? Is adulthood worrying you? Is independence exciting? Are you alone with your problems?

Foster and after care emails are

Satu Lahtonen
044 794 5699

Paula Rahikainen
044 794 5700

Elina Niiranen
040 129 4816


Youth supported living

Kati Kyröläinen
050 311 7223

Reija Taalikka
040 359 8039


Non-institutional social care instructors

Janne Toivanen
050 311 7219

Niina Paakkunainen
040 359 8181

Emmi Silkala
040 359 8451


TE-services in One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari!

You can schedule a meeting with TE-expert if you need help with job hunting, you are pondering about what kind of services TE-office is offering or need help with filling documents.

You can schedule an appointment by calling One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari hotline 044 794 3266 (mon-fri 9-16) or by email:


Public health nurse

Public health nurse is part of One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari team and offers consultation support with One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari staff.


Social worker

Social worker is part of One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari team who offers preventive counseling and guidance for life management in everyday life and support for care and rehabilitation processes if needed.


Substance abuse and mental health services

People under 30 years old can contact One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari if you are concerned about substance abuse or mental health of yourself or someone close to you. Our team includes professionals who are offering consultation and help for you in searching the right services for you. You can meet our staff in One-Stop Guidance Center Olkkari with an appointment.



Social media contact person who is responsible with communication between the youth and networks by social media and website.

With publishing matters, please contact