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Crowd with hands in the air at a concert. Text Young Mikkeli.

Young Mikkeli

The city of Mikkeli wants to make the city attractive and versatile for young people. Youth services in Mikkeli provide leisure time possibilities of all kind. The city’s youth service is one of the main providers, arranging activities, events, and guidance for young people. The events can be seen in many ways in Mikkeli, especially in the evenings, on weekends and during school holidays. Different events are highlights in a young person’s life. The city’s youth service arranges various kind of events for teenagers. All the events are drug-free.

Youth centres

In Mikkeli there are 6 youth centres, and a skating hall. Youth centres are located around the city providing young people guided activities, clubs, camps and events. More information about our youth centres: 

Outreach youth workers

Outreach youth workers work in a range of environments, meeting and supporting young people. The trained youth workers form a safe network for the young people. There is also co-operation with other actors and citizens. The aim is to promote the well-being of young people and provide support that is needed in their daily lives. The youth workers have a central role in guiding young people to a healthy lifestyle. If you have any difficulties in finding your place after finishing basic education, the youth workers contact you and support you in finding your route to further education. More information about our outreach youth workers:

Youth council

In Mikkeli we have a very active youth council that has 22 members in the ages of 14-18 years old. The youth council is elected every second year with an election. The youth council is working with youth participation and wants to develop and strengthen the services for young people in Mikkeli. The youth council also arrange events and activities for young people.

The youth council arrange meetings every month. The youth council also support young people’s ideas. Every year the youth council have 30 000 € to support different kind of youth activities and events in Mikkeli. Young people in Mikkeli can apply for the money by filling a form where they can present their ideas. After this the youth council will go through the applications and pass them forward to the mayor who makes the last decision. The form (only in finnish) can be found here: YOUNG – MIKKELI (zef.fi)


Internationalization is an important aspect of the youth services in Mikkeli. International projects, youth exchanges and multi-cultural meetings provide opportunities for young people to be part of a global youth. Over the years and currently we have had a lot of exchanges and international contacts.


Youth services in Mikkeli have various projects for young people. During 2020-2022 we had a project named Building Climate Hope with Youth Work. The project was funded by Ministry of Culture and Education (OKM) through Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI). Key objectives for the project is building and sharing reliable information, enabling youth climate agency, strengthening the youth involvement to decision making and public debate.

Currently we have two school youthwork projects in action. 


The contact information for all the personnel in the youth services in Mikkeli you can find here: